The hallmark of Compass 82’s success is comprised of multifaceted collaboration for enhancing resilience, tactical maximization of limited resources, incorporation of knowledge and experience from prior disasters, and the aptitude for consistently improving service delivery and outcomes which benefit all.

Compass 82 is built on three core pillars of service to be deployed following a disaster:

Insurance Claims Adjusting

Two of the most common experiences for disaster survivors are feeling unaware of which next steps to take after calling to notify their insurance company of their loss and then being underpaid by their insurance company. Compass 82’s unique approach to insurance adjusting pairs an experienced Disaster Recovery Specialist from our team with an Independent Adjuster to provide the necessary expertise for maximizing insurance payouts and utilizing those funds efficiently and effectively. This team manages and tracks the insurance claim while maintaining contact with the policyholder, offering insights on best practices and updates on resources.


Immediately following a disaster, community members should not be expected to know how to navigate all of the recovery systems that will be introduced to them. Compass 82 has developed a series of workshops for survivors and trainings for professionals so all impacted and those who wish to work toward recovery are aware of how to navigate the road ahead of them. Compass 82 will deploy to the impacted community to address:

  • Construction professionals’ needs to understand how to interact with recovery grants and loans

  • Homeowners' needs to understand how to spot an insufficient contract

  • Volunteer group needs to understand that their relief efforts can complicate a homeowner’s recovery if done without foresight
Recovery Solutions

Compass 82 recognizes the requisite need for systems to adapt to the ever-changing climate of disaster recovery. We strive to find creative and collaborative solutions to the inevitable obstacles faced by survivors and the organizations designed to assist them. Our program development and project management services are available to assist non-profit, business, and governmental partners in their efforts to support disaster impacted communities.

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